What we believe

Our values reflect who we are, how we work and what's important to us. Whether you join us as a client or a colleague, this is how it feels to be part of TQ.

Enjoy life and work your way

We've been a virtual and flexible business since before it was cool. Work is important, but life comes first!

Think big and have an impact

We have a high trust culture, so people are empowered to deliver with energy.

Let your curiosity shine

To 'lead the market' means we'll continue experimenting with trends and ideas to keep everyone inspired.

Stay grounded, thoughtful and caring towards others

Ego doesn't have a place here – we support each other, lean in and make space to connect deeply.

A place to be more you

Put life first and let work follow

We care deeply about each other’s wellbeing and we value our differences. This is a place free of judgement, blame and guilt. You do what you need to, when you need to.

The TQ Way

Feel trusted to own your work

Drawing from your own career experiences, you'll jump in and out of all different types of organisations to play the role of the thinker, the doer and the master of making things happen.

Your career, your terms

You choose how and what works for you. We’ll give you the platform, the space, the support and the opportunities for you to redefine what career and work mean to you.

Ready to embark on an exciting and flexible journey?