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Inspire your people

Hamstrung by skills shortages and shifting expectations, a robust Employer Brand strategy is a critical enabler to meet your talent needs. We can take you from research and insight to Employer Value Proposition strategy, activation planning, advocacy programs and reputation management.

TQ's Employer Value Proposition Methodology: Belief Beyond Reason

We blend a research-led, data-informed approach with a human-centred lens to delve deeply into why candidates should join your company and what makes you different. With a robust strategic foundation in place, you'll be able to take your EVP to the next level. For activation support, we help upskill teams and play an ongoing advisory role, such as guiding you through the launch of an advocacy programme.

How we can help

Differentiate your Employer Value Proposition

Using our 5-Dimension model we combine your existing data with fresh insights generated through innovative research tools to develop your EVP strategy.

Benchmark your Candidate Experience

Our EVP and Candidate Experience diagnostic calculates your maturity score based on 75+ data points compared to your competitors.

Targeting with a segmented Employer Value Proposition approach

Don't let a Global EVP hold you back. We create personas to inform targeted sourcing, attraction and hiring tactics for specific talent segments, regions or countries.

Activate your Employer Value Proposition with a roadmap

Through a facilitated workshop and planning session, we bring your team together to design a roadmap for success with clear priorities, outcomes and metrics.

Unlock your people's voices and reach

From business case to strategy, we guide you on how to build, maintain and sustain your employee advocacy progam.

Manage your employer reputation

Turn what's said online into insights you can use. By listening, monitoring, managing and measuring review platforms, we show you how.

1-0-1 employer branding training

All of our frameworks and tools can be used to train your teams; uplifting capability and organisational mindset towards employer brand and experience.

Borrow an Employer Brand Leader

If you're stretched, have a capability gap to launch a new EVP or need to kick-start recruitment marketing, we'll step in and get you going.

TQ's Employer Value Proposition Framework - Belief Beyond Reason

When people believe in what they're doing, they deliver their best work, and inspire others to do the same. That kind of belief requires a new way of constructing the ‘employment deal’ – moving beyond rational benefits (like pay) and delving into areas where people find greater meaning and connection. Using our 5-Dimensions model we define your human value exchange linked to your purpose and brand, to build Belief Beyond Reason.

Discovering the 'why' that makes you, you

Employer branders who live and breathe brand

We do this because we love it. With in-house, agency, local and international experience, we know what works to design, land and then launch an employer brand.

Employer branding that connects

Our tools and techniques are grounded in the latest thinking and years at the coal face – we have developed and proven our methodologies around 'Belief Beyond Reason' with leading organisations.

Strategy is in our DNA

It's where we shine and do our best work. It's where we choose to focus. It gives you maximum flexiblility when it comes to a Creative partner that feels right for you.

We think bigger and see broader

Living within a broader Talent Solutions business means our collective focus is on talent outcomes over fancy employer marketing design. This elevates how we think and work, resulting in an ROI-led point of difference.

Resources & inspiration

Examples of our work and latest thinking, we try to challenge constructively and agitate the industry so that all the boats rise.

Frequently asked questions

A series of common questions we receive, along with definitions that may be helpful.

What is an Employer Value Proposition?

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the core of your employer brand. It consists of attributes or themes that you can control to differentiate what makes your company a great place to work. The EVP represents the ‘give and get’ value exchange between an employer and employee. It’s your promise to employees in exchange for their daily efforts to help the business succeed.

What is an Employer Brand?

Firstly, and mainly, it's about reputation. An Employer Brand comprises the perceptions talent and candidates have about an organisation as an employer. In that sense, every company has 'an Employer Brand', even if they don't have a stategy in place to proactively try and design, measure or influence that reputation. Secondly, the Employer Brand refers to the physical assets used to identify the EVP for an organisation, which may be a specific set of images, headlines and content aimed at positioning the Employer Brand in a certain way.

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing promotes both open positions and the global EVP to targeted candidates by using specific marketing tactics to find, attract and nurture talent before they apply for a job at your organisation. Recruitment marketing leverages stories and proof points which support the EVP themes so they can connect and resonate more deeply with target candidates.

What is talent branding and marketing?

As opposed to Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing, the emphasis on 'Talent' here signifies the use of talent, but also leveraging the talent's network. For example, if you promote a video of a team member and that individual chooses to share the content on their personal social media, the organisation is benefiting from the individual's personal brand and their own talent network.

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