Hiring Skills Training and Leadership Development

Building important skills

Whether it's upskilling or re-skilling we may have an option for you. We've focused on core areas of our expertise to offer fantastic learning experiences, designed and delivered by our very own TQ'ers.

Specialised areas of focus

From our heartland of Talent Acquisition and HR have come the focus areas of our skills training solutions: Hiring Manager Capability, Recruitment Foundations, Leadership Evolved and Employer Brand Strategy.

How we can help

Growing your Hiring Managers' confidence

Critical to hiring outcomes, but often neglected, we support this cohort with training that instills confidence and consistency, whilst de-risking the hiring process.

Great recruitment needs solid foundations

Ideal for new recruiters or as a refresher, we lay the foundations with key modules like 'recognising bias', designing interview guides and DEI principles.

Building the leaders your organisation needs

From classic leadership development to the latest in coaching support, we can shape the strategy and deliver your programs.

Build your Employer Branding skills

Four modules delivered on their own or all together in a day with experienced practitioners: Employer Value Proposition Strategy, Personas, Advocacy and Reputation Management.

We share our expertise and experience, your way

At TQ we know that skills development is essential for success. We listen and plan an approach and delivery mechanism that works with your unique situation. Whether you want to build key skills, influence leadership impact or TA team foundational skills, we can help. We use our diverse backgrounds and industry knowledge to build bespoke training solutions that best suit your business and budget.

Get our knowledge, your way

Knowledge shared with empathy

Our training content is delivered by experienced practitioners, allowing us to share real world insights, along with an empathy for your context.

It's yours to keep

Content can be built cost effectively for your brand and ways of working. You retain all the materials developed, so the IP is yours to keep.

Train yourselves

We work with you to identify your learning objectives and then build the best approach. We can then train your team to go and run the training themselves. Simple.

Go at your pace

Our delivery model can be self-paced. Loading our material into your LMS is always an option, or we also have a delivery platform that can be switched on quickly.

Resources & inspiration

Examples of our work and latest thinking, we try to challenge constructively and agitate the industry so that all the boats rise.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions we're asked.

What areas do you cover?

Our skills training and development programs align with our deep expertise across Leadership, People Skills,Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding.

How does the pricing work?

Having partnered to understand what you want to achieve, we identify a fixed price approach that aligns with your learning and delivery needs. You control the delivery approach, ensuring you have flexibility while controlling the costs.

What if I already have content, but I need to augment additional facilitators to my L&D team?

Our facilitators are great at adopting your content and brand and bringing this to life. We have many clients who love our flexibility and impact which inject capacity to their existing L&D and OD teams, helping them deliver more without compromising on quality.

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