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Attracting and retaining talent in such a complex labour market is getting harder and harder. Our research, data and sourcing specialists help solve specific workforce challenges with fresh talent insights that power innovation and targeted approaches.

Unlocking new opportunities through data and talent insights

We scour job markets, trends and reports to help create smart strategies for you to find, engage and keep the best talent. And don't worry, any information we find is only for you and is yours to keep.

How we can help

Understand the intricacies of Labour Markets

We research the supply and demand dynamics impacting your critical talent segments. Talent insights help power better hiring, development and retention strategies.

Focused research and mapping

For over 15 years, we've helped companies identify and assess potential candidates. And don't worry, all the research is yours to keep... forever.

The sourcery of sourcing

Using data-driven methods we design sourcing strategies for critical talent. We can tell you where to find them and how to engage them.

Expertise, tools and data for hiring success

We use analytics and talent insights to build tailored labor market research and data outcomes for your business. We analyse trends, competitors, and candidate preferences to supercharge your sourcing efforts. Our data-driven approach also informs talent engagement and retention strategies for business growth. All information gathered remains yours to keep. Flexible on-demand expertise with our hourly, pay-as-you-go fee structure.

Data and talent insights you can trust

Fast and flexible, not furious

Big or small, we adapt to your reality. Our solutions are built for speed and to handle change. Need more or less? You can switch us off when you need.

You own what we make together

We use our licenses, tools, assets, tech and best practice strategies for your specific labour market challenges. Whatever we design, build or create is yours to keep. We make you look good.

All the support you need

You can access some or all of our experts to solve your burning issues. Whether it's data, research, sourcing, recruitment marketing or messaging, delivery is what we're all about.

Resources & inspiration

Examples of our work and latest thinking, we try to challenge constructively and agitate the industry so that all the boats rise.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the most common questions we get asked. If you do have a question though, feel free to reach out directly.

What tools and technologies does your team utilise for talent insights?

The data sources and tools we utilise depend on the industry we are researching. We utilise all publicly available data, specific industry analysis & reports as well as all relevant tech licenses we hold (for example, LinkedIn Talent Insights or HireEZ). We also consult with any relevant subject matter experts within TQ relating to talent, hiring, recruitment marketing, sourcing, employer branding, technology and innovation, artifical intelligence, early careers, DEI and more, before consolidating our findings in a Labour Market Report.

What tools and technologies does your team utilise for talent mapping and research?

For starters, you'll be working with some of the best executive search specialists in the country. They have access to a wide variety of tools and tech for mapping depending on the sector and role types they are sourcing from. This could include anything from industry market data source points, company data, social media, Linkedin Recruiter or Boolean based search tools, right through to AI, scraping tools, and other plugins. In some cases though, we have to go 'old school' and just do a lot of desk-based research & networking! It's not a dark art or rocket science – it's time, depth of research and the ability of our skilled researchers to connect the dots between what the data is telling them and what talent the client needs.

How much will it cost?

We offer an On-Demand (Hourly Commercial Model) pricing structure.

At TQ, you pay for services used as needed. It's adaptable to changing requirements, billed based on specific services and hours utilised. We accommodate your budget, capping hours if desired, and you can adjust resources as necessary. Whilst we work on-demand, we have 15+ years worth of hiring data at our fingertips so are pretty accurate at providing you with an estimate of total costs. Depending on your preferences and the nature of your project we can tailor a solution that best fits your budget and objectives. Whether you just want us to run 20 hours of research on an hourly rate basis before committing a sizeable fee to a search firm, you want us to map an entire talent segment, or you need us to find and hire your new CEO, we can help.

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