Benchmark your People & Talent practices

This diagnostic assesses 8 critical dimensions of Talent Practice Maturity; three related to Organisational and Leader Mindset, then five related to operating model Enablers (Tech, Brand, Data, Capability and Policies).

Baseline your current-state Talent Maturity

Co-created with the industry in 2017 and now on its third iteration, the self-assessment diagnostic helps align key stakeholders on where improvements are needed. Also used as part of our consulting, we have considerable data to support benchmarking.

Understand what's holding you back

The diagnostic shines a light on priority areas for remediation or enhancement. Particularly important if these relate to mindset dimensions.

Align your internal stakeholders on the real problems

The maturity diagnostic report will highlight where differences of opinion may exist internally in relation to 'what good looks like', sparking constructive conversations.

Complimentary initial diagnostic

We've open-sourced the Model so clients can sit the self-assessment and receive a complimentary report. All we need is your name and contact details.

Shape your Executive narrative

Use our benchmarking, insights and recommendations to form a data-informed executive narrative.

Future-proof your talent function

Through understanding your maturity levels against a very progressive benchmark you will be better placed to transform and transition your talent model.

Intended for use by senior HR and talent practitioners with insights across the lifecycle

The model covers internal/external hiring; policies; people-related data and analytics; organisational and leadership mindset assessment; DE&I, employer branding and talent technology. Only people who can provide opinion and insights across these topics should complete the assessment.

Develop a focussed strategy

HR and Talent leaders use the diagnostic to sign-post critical focus areas.

Assess the performance of an operating model

Functional Leaders can baseline their current state and identify the critial issues to solve for.

Build the case for change

HR Leaders can benchmark their organisation to showcase how 'immature' your people and talent function may be. They can then compare this to 'leading practice'.

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What does the Maturity Model data tell us?

The data provides invaluable international benchmarks, along with insights that are unique to your organisation. Both can be used to help diagnose or shine a light on challenges, along with supporting the case for further investigation or investment.

"People & Talent Analytics enable effective measurement from People & Talent related programs and initiatives" 38% maturity rating.

TQ Talent Maturity Model data


"The HR function has adequate executive level representation and input into the overall organisational strategy." 83% maturity rating

TQ Talent Maturity Model data


"People & Talent Technology is designed and deployed with user experience and critical moments that matter as priority." 41% maturity rating.

TQ Talent Maturity Model data


"The 'Talent Players' (HR / Talent / Business Leaders) are appropriately skilled to deliver the services required by the business in support of the People & Talent plan." 68% maturity rating.

TQ Talent Maturity Model data


"With a maturity rating of 63%, organisations are saying they lack the data and analytics to inform and enable effective talent management."

Gareth Flynn


Frequently asked questions

Below are the most common questions we get asked. If you do have a question though, please feel free to reach out directly.

What data do you need to complete the model?

No data is required. The self assessment is a series of statements against which you will rate your organisation.

How long does it take to complete the assessment?

Most people will complete the assessment in 15-20 minutes.

How do I get an integrated report with multiple colleagues' responses on it?

If you wish to have one report which contains the responses of multiple people, you will need to reach out to and advise her that you and your colleagues are about to complete the self assessment. We will ask that you identify yourselves in the contact fields so we can consolidate responses and produce a single report.

What happens to our responses and the data-set that sits behind the model?

We don't share the data with any third party, nor other client organisations. We will analyse the anonymised data set for trends and insights that we may use in PR and articles but no individual company data or reponse will be shared or commented upon. No specific client data is included in the self-assessment, it's just the opinions of people reacting to the statements. No confidential client information is therefore held by TQSolutions.

What is the platform you use to house the Maturity Model Self Assessment?

We license Qualtrics to run all of our survey solutions including the Talent Maturity Model.

Where do I go to access the Maturity model?

All information about the Maturity Model, as well as a link to the self assessment itself can be found on this page.