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Make the right moves

We help organisations navigate the complexities of the Talent Technology ecosystem, develop tech strategies that unlock opportunities - guiding and collaborating with you to identify, evaluate and select the right partners.

Intentionally-designed Talent Technology Strategies

We know the landscape can be overwhelming. But having an intentional and sustainable strategy can be the difference between achieving your goals and not. By continuously keeping ahead of the market, we're aiming to be your real-world co-pilot, guiding you on best practice, avoiding pitfalls and being a champion for innovation.

How we can help

Develop your North Star for Talent Technology

Our co-design process helps develop a distinct vision and 'north star' for your Talent Technology journey. Without it, you can become rudderless.

Design a clear roadmap

We design an intentional Talent Technology roadmap that factors in your users' needs, experience, data requirements and integration roadmap.

Unlock the potential of a Talent Marketplace

And end-to-end solution from 'business readiness' and designing the marketplace strategy, to vendor selection and guidance on the latest in AI ethics.

Make confident Talent Technology decisions

Being vendor agnostic means being a trusted guide from market mapping, fit gap analysis and requirements gathering through to use case development, RFP creation, vendor briefing and selection.

Make the vision a reality

Need help to roll out your new Talent Technology? Experienced project managers are here to help with modern ATS deployments, business process reviews and system optimisation.

Get the most out of ATS and CRM

Realign your system configuration to work with your new processes and operating rythms. We support SmartRecruiters, Clinch, PageUp and Phenom solutions.

A design-thinking approach

First up, through discovery we get super clear on the problem that needs solving. This allows us to define the Talent Technology's role and experience outcomes using 'purposeful' design principles. Then the fun starts – identifying technology partners that can solve your unique problems! We support throughout the tech selection journey by scanning, evaluating and building the case for investment. We can also support you post selection with solution design and project management.

Why partner with TQ

Impartial advice you can trust

We're truly vendor agnostic. We don't take any commissions or kick backs. It's all about best fit.

Stay ahead of the pack

Our job is to do the heavy lifting, be an experienced voice of reason and bring in best practice insights.

Problem first, then the tech

We get to the heart of the issue and find a pathway to solve that, before we even think about the Talent Technology.

Making Talent Technology more human

Our unique, grounded approach is a combination of adaptability and honesty – less tech babble, more real conversation.

Resources & inspiration

Examples of our work and latest thinking, we try to challenge constructively and agitate the industry so that all the boats rise.

Frequently asked questions

There are so many questions when it comes to talent technology given how quickly the space is changing and innovating. Here are some of the more common ones.

Where do I start when designing my Talent Technology stack?

Always start with the problem you are trying to solve, not the tech. Don't get distracted with the 'new shiny toy'. There are some clear steps you can take to get create a tech stack that could give your business an unfair advantage.

  1. Get clear on the KEY problems to solve;
  2. Define the purpose of the system and who is doing what, where and why;
  3. Incorporate the voice of your customers (internally and externally);
  4. Engage with your internal IT/technology team to understand their strategy and roadmap priorities;
  5. Integration is key – think through data flow;
  6. Make data-led decisions;
  7. Explore automation opportunities, but be mindful of key moments that matter to bring a human back into the process to deliver memorable experiences.
What is the difference between Talent Marketplace Technology & Workforce Intelligence?

Talent Marketplace Technology is an online hub where businesses find skilled individuals for specific tasks and employees find opportunities. It's like a digital store connecting job requirements with the people that have the right skills, ensuring a better fit between jobs and talent. Workforce Intelligence involves using data analysis to understand employee skills, performance and career goals. This information helps companies enhance operations by tailoring training and career development, and maximising employee potential and satisfaction. The difference between these two is that the Talent Marketplace focuses on connecting jobs with suitable skills, while Workforce Intelligence uses data to optimise employee development. It's about finding the right players for the game and then coaching them to shine.

Do we need 'guard rails' when implementing AI technology in our business?

It's wise not to blindly enter into the AI world and trust it will address your problems. As AI (Artifical Intelligence) continues to grow and evolve within People Practices and the Talent Technology market, it is important for businesses to consider whether the AI tech they are considering meets the 'ethical' guard rails or pillars that apply to auditing. There are 5 pillars – ethics, bias, privacy, trust and cybersecurity. Establishing a governance framework around this is an important consideration. However, there are some simple design principles you can apply when considering AI tech. Design principles can include:

  1. Is it implementable and usable without a deep knowledge of AI models;
  2. Does it follow the ethical guard rails;
  3. Will it help with productivity;
  4. How do you commit & embrace it within your daily work habits?
How many Talent Technologies are there in the market?

Getting your head around the work tech market can be overwhelming. The Talent Technology market is one of the fastest growing tech sectors in the market and continues to attract heavy investment from venture capital firms all around the world. No one knows for sure how many work tech vendors there are in the market globally, however, it is estimated to be over 30,000 vendors. Within the TA Tech sector it's estimated to be between 3,000+ vendors and this is growing all the time. On average, organisations use 18+ TA technologies (including internal talent solutions).

What do you mean by 'purposeful design'?

Purposeful design in Talent Technology stack refers to the intentional and strategic selection of tools and systems that align with a company's unique needs and goals. It involves choosing technologies that complement each other, streamlining processes and enhancing the overall experience for employees, candidates, HR and Leaders. Purposeful design ensures that the technology stack isn't just a collection of tools but a cohesive ecosystem that supports HR functions efficiently. By carefully selecting and integrating solutions, businesses can optimize their operations, foster employee engagement and achieve their specific HR objectives with a well-aligned and thoughtfully constructed technology landscape.

What 'Business Readiness' is needed for a Talent Marketplace?

Business Readiness refers to the foundational elements that set the stage for successful implementation. This includes data gathering and analysis to understand the organisation's workforce, skill mapping, and potential demand. Readiness is about ensuring that the technology is well-aligned with the company's goals and needs, offering solid groundwork for the subsequent phases of implementation. These typically include areas like job architecture, competency frameworks, skills ontology, change and comms, policy and processes. This phase is crucial as it establishes the groundwork for an effective and functional Talent Marketplace ecosystem and user adoption.

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