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Talent Strategy, Strategic Workforce Planning and Operating Model Design

Get independent advice

We partner with you to understand key talent strategy and workforce planning challenges by identifying gaps and then prioritising them against your broader business strategy. We consult on how to close capability gaps, designing and optimising everything you're setting out to achieve.

Keeping you laser-focused on the right problems at the right time

By consulting across the whole talent lifecycle, we can advise on how to build the smartest operating models to support attraction and retention goals. With a deep specialisation in Talent Technology, we also have an accurate lens on optimisation and experience. We operate at the leading edge of contemporary talent mobility and marketplace strategies.

How we can help

Identify the right guiding principles

Define Talent strategy roadmap and strategic workforce planning principles that will guide your people priorities.

Create an employee experience that matters

Design the ideal user experience for your organisation as well as the critical enablers needed to deliver on the 'moments that matter'.

Understand your Organisation's Talent Maturity

Our proprietary maturity model assessment will assess your organisation's People & Talent practices against 8 mindset and enabler dimensions.

Bring better definition to workforce planning

Navigate the emerging skills and workforce intelligence landscape to enable better strategic workforce planning, mobility and development solution design.

Optimise your Talent Acquisition Operating Model

We assess all facets of the model – people and capabilty, service and experience, technology and tools, performance and KPIs, as well as cost and value.

Gather Voice of Customer insights

We use a range of tools to support diagnostic work, including Hiring Manager and New Hire Sentiment, and talent experience surveys.

Build the right Talent Acquisition model

We leverage 10+ years of TA-related data to build service and capacity FTE models to design the size and composition of your TA function.

Benchmark your Candidate Experience

Our EVP and Candidate Experience diagnostic calculates your maturity score based on 75+ data points, compared to your competitors.

Rigour, from beginning to end

We take a granular approach to client discovery and strategic workforce planning that ensures we are solving the right problems and not duplicating effort. This involves a review of existing data, workshops, stakeholder interviews, surveys and feedback, a technology review and an assessment against TQ's Talent Maturity Model. We use this to illustrate future options and roadmaps, supported by detailed business case and ROI analysis. We're operating-model and technology-partner agnostic, allowing us to deliver independent recommendations.

Integrated Strategy, Operating Model and Technology

Talent specialisation across the lifecycle

We support the development of broader talent and strategic workforce planning to deep dive specialisations into Talent Acquisition, Talent Management or Talent Marketplaces.

Independent advice you can trust

When it comes to your Talent Technology, our focus is on what's right for you. We're vendor agnostic meaning we'll provide you with independent advice on the best vendors to consider.

We work as an extension of your team

We have a highly collaborative and agile consulting methodology, working seemlessly with your people. We pride ourselves on high quality outputs and the deep relationships we build.

An approach tailored to you

We adapt our methodology and approach for each project to ensure our recommendations are aligned. No problem is exactly the same so we're agile how we tackle it.

Resources & inspiration

Examples of our work and latest thinking, we try to challenge constructively and agitate the industry so that all the boats rise.

Expertise is at your fingertips

Below are the most common questions we get asked. If you do have a question though, feel free to reach out directly.

What is the commercial model?

We are  very transparent in our approach and have no lock-in contracts. Each project is scoped with an underlying estimate of time and fees. Our discovery will  help further refine the scope and project costs. We deliver projects on both a time and materials basis, as well as fixed fee and milestone basis. This gives you the best control over costs.

Where is the TQ team located?

We have a national consulting practice and will allocate appropriate resources to your project. The team will mostly work virtually and come together in person where needed. We successfully manage national and global projects - we've been 'remote first' since we began 15 years ago.

What do you mean by Strategic Workforce Planning?

We specialise in strategic workforce planning rather than operational resource management. We work with clients to solve broader workforce strategies rather than tactical day-to-day resource deployments. This enables us to think through capability and enablement requirements your business needs to meet future goals.

What data will TQ want access to?

We share a data wishlist that at the beginning of a project. This is intended to be a 'wishlist' and we do not expect 100% of the data requested. We will work with our customers to obtain whatever data we can and work with what we have been provided.

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