Flexible, on-demand and outsourced Talent Acquisition solutions

Here to help

We can jump in to help whether you need 3 hours of support or a completely outsourced solution for hiring while you transform the Talent Acquisition function. With unrivalled agility, our experienced team can help.

Turn Talent Acquisition off and on, scale us up or down

We know your needs change, so we're flexible. Whether you require a short or long-term solution, we've got you covered. Everyone has over 15 years' experience in Talent Acquisition and you can access any of the diverse TQ skills as you need them, on-demand.

How we can help

Talent Acquisition expertise, right when you need it

Flexible, on-demand expertise with our hourly, pay-as-you-go solution. Start and stop anytime, with no minimum spend. Get tailored talent acquisition support.

Think differently about longer-term solutions

Squads are affordable, fixed-cost solutions, as an agile alternative to RPO. We've white-labelled this to be deployed quickly, and to build your Talent Acquisition capability and IP.

A cost effective approach to Executive Search

Discover top talent with research and mapping on a hourly basis. An affordable alternative to eye-watering search firm fees. An on-demand, tailored approach.


Unlock talent with strategic sourcing. Customised sourcing, attraction and research solutions for your most complex or high-volume hiring needs.

The Talent Acquisition flexibility you need

Every business is different. We spend time getting to know what is and isn't working. We listen and plan based on your goals. So whether you need help yesterday or for an extended period, we give you the flexibility you need. Like part of your team, we get stuff done fast and are there to help you deliver to the business.

We earn your trust

Fast, flexible and scalable

Big or small, we adapt to your reality. Our Talent Acquisition solutions are built for speed and to handle change. Need more or less? You can switch us off when you need.

You own what we make together

We can use your tools, assets & tech, or ours, but whatever new approaches, tactics and IP we might build together, is yours to keep.

All the support you need

We don't just bring the answers; we bring understanding. Our rich experience and sharp insights help make something daunting feel much more achievable. We're in it together.

Resources & inspiration

Examples of our work and latest thinking, we try to challenge constructively and agitate the industry so that all the boats rise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we get asked. If you do have a question though, please feel free to reach out directly.

How much will Talent Acquisition support cost?

There are two pricing models: On-demand (hourly commercial model) and Squad Solutions (fixed price model).

On-demand: Only pay for the hours used so it's adaptable to changing requirements. Accommodating your budget, hours can be capped. With 15+ years of hiring data, we are able to give accurate and transparent cost estimates upfront.

Squad Solutions: This is a cost effective and predictable cost structure, designed for more comprehensive solutions, where we assemble a dedicated team (or 'squad') to work on your project. The cost is determined based on the scope of work and resources involved.

The choice between these models depends on your preferences and the nature of your project. We're here to discuss both options further and help you choose the one that aligns best with your budget and objectives.

Why use TQ when I could just hire a contractor?

Hiring a contractor may provide you with specific skills, but with us, you can access any or all of our deep specialisations as required, which is a smarter use of your headcount budget.

You may choose to use some of your budget on research mapping for one role, and then some on proactive sourcing for another.

Our flexible models adapt to changing requirements, maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

What Service Level Agreements (SLAs) do you work to?

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) play a key role in a successful partnership. We believe in a collaborative approach to crafting SLAs that align precisely with your business objectives. Every company has its distinct processes, challenges and ambitions, so often a generic SLA might not fully capture requirements.

By working closely together, we can design SLAs that are practical and quantifiable. This collaboration ensures that the metrics are meaningful and relevant to your goals. This approach allows us to build a more effective and valuable relationship by focusing on what truly matters to your business success.

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