Creating Workforce Agility, Your Competitive Edge

Companies can build business resilience through greater workforce agility. With the right mindset, along with tools that provide real time visibility of people and skills, they can be smarter about how they hire, develop and move talent.

Gareth Flynn from TQSolutions was the moderator of an excellent virtual event on 28th July 2021. You can listen to the recording here! The topic of workforce agility is white hot – we're in a period of an accelerated, and much needed, transformation of work and skills. The way we hire, move and upskill people is being disrupted and challenged by the global pandemic, border closures as well as on-going digitisation and automation. It’s hard to find an organisation that ISN’T working in a hyper competitive labour market. So attraction and retention of talent is, more than ever, a C-Suite priority.

At TQSolutions, we’re actively advising customers to avoid focusing too narrowly on ‘process and cost efficiency’ as it can lead to under-investment in the areas that will lead to long term business resilience through talent. We firmly believe success will come to companies who obsessively focus on workforce/skills development, workforce data & insights, employer brand & employee experience (particularly career development and mobility).This session draws out some fantastic insights from the panellists around:

  • Re-framing workforce agility as a zero-waste approach to people strategy
  • Increasing data and insight around internal talent
  • Gathering intelligence beyond job titles and basic skills
  • How to make agility a competitive advantage

Over 100 leaders from the talent community joined the guest panellists Siobhan Savage from Reejig, Adam Malski from Commonwealth Bank and Sarah Jordan, with the hosts ATC Events & Media.

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