Does your business have a Talent Mindset?

TQ's Nadine O'Regan in featured in ATC's online publication which describes the 4 questions organisations can ask themselves in order to determine if they have a talent mindset.

"Thanks to the team at ATC - Talent Acquisition Events & Media for asking me to write this article for them.

When it comes to talent, historically companies have worked well in areas that are easy to implement and manage: policies, processes and technology. However, what will drive success for any talent function now and in the future is mindset.

Mindset is such a vital topic and rarely discussed or considered as part of the talent strategy.

At TQSolutions we refer to mindset as the handbrake to success. What would you rate your organisations mindset maturity?" Nadine O'Regan.

For the full article you can visit the ATC site here https://atcevent.com/leadership/talent-mindset-four-questions-to-ask/

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