Overcoming today’s labour and skills shortages

TQ's Nadine O'Regan featured in Dynamic Business online. Around the world, concerns are rising around skills and labour shortages. So how do you go about hiring the best talent and filling roles in this environment?

Full article listed below, Nadine's additional commentary:

"Thanks to Dynamic Business for asking me to contribute to this piece. A brilliant line up of contributors here with lots of great insights when it comes to overcoming Australia's labour and skills shortages.

Companies have to put talent needs at the centre of their business strategy if they are going to be able to compete. At a high level, the 4 key points I highlighted are below, but there are some really valuable tips in this article from some brilliant people. Have a read.

* Focus on the talent you have

* Develop your people

* Broaden your talent pool and think creatively about where to find them

* Remunerate fairly and consider meaningful benefits that will resonate with your people

Do you have any other tips and insights?

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