Talent industry forecast for 2023: Interview

The industries doing it tough and concerns about fulfilling federal budget promises. TQ's Nadine O'Regan is interviewed in December 2022 for HR Leader's podcast

Taken from the article:

"The general manager for TQSolutions, Nadine O’Regan, spoke with The HR Leader about talent: what to expect in 2023, industries of concern, ideas for nurturing leadership, and more.

Making sure they have the right talent down the track is an important consideration for organisations. Ms O’Regan spoke about what businesses might anticipate in terms of talent next year and her thoughts on what the recent federal budget might mean for workers.

It was clear from the discussion that some industries are particularly struggling right now. Ms O’Regan discussed areas where skills are really tight, and the knock-on effect this has for realising goals like achieving more childcare to level up female and male participation in the workforce".

The article and podcast recording are available on HR Leader's site here:


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