Transitioning to skills-based organisations

Whilst it appears a skills-based approach to talent may help with labour shortages and boosting engagement, only 25% of Australian Leaders believe it will help. Why so low? Let's explore.

Taken from the ATC's own website:

As we move away from an era of “traditional jobs” and into the new, skills-based world of work, organisations are facing the fact that they need to re-engineer how they attract, retain, and manage talent.

But while a recent Beamery survey found that a staggering 90% of respondents in Australia believe that talent approaches must prioritise skills over traditional roles, only 25% of Australian leaders believe that this approach can effectively address the prevalent skills shortages in their businesses.

This disconnect shows there is a large gap in Australia between the acknowledgement of the power of skills, and the reluctance to embrace skills as a solution to business challenges.

Recently, TQSolutions' Managing Director Gareth Flynn moderated a webinar with Beamery’s Asia Pacific Vice President Matt Collins and Grab’s Head of Employer Branding Claudine Shacklock to discuss the need for the skills transformation and the role that Talent Acquisition needs to play in transitioning to a skills-based organisation.

Watch Now: TA’s role in transforming to a skills-based organisation.

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