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A global EVP with deep segmentation

The career experience at Macquarie had evolved so the EVP needed refreshing and also unifying, so that there was commonality across the group, globally.

TQ Scope

TQ helped build the business case with an executive stakeholder group. Over a 7month period, TQ then developed insights from substantial amounts of existing and relevant external data, competitor positioning analysis, 50+ leader interviews, 23 global focus groups and used validation polls to test and iterate all the emerging themes and draft messaging.


We created the Global EVP strategy including messaging pillars which framed the ‘human value exchange’ – these were segmented by region and business group to show how the EVP could support the talent agendas around the world. We also developed the creative brief to enable the strategic handover to an international creative agency. Will Innes remained on the project team to oversee creative strategy.

Sample output

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