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Use your EVP to take control of your employer brand narrative

Ampol Trading & Shipping embarked on a journey to effectively shape people’s perceptions and take control of their employer brand. This started with actively creating, owning and managing their EVP.

TQ Scope

Leaning into existing internal engagement survey data and sense-checking through a leadership workshop, TQ were able to cut to the chase quickly to formulate a proposed EVP framework. Using focus groups and interviews, we then carved out detailed personas based on critical talent segments and simultaneously validated the EVP pillars.


Using the TQ 5D model, we delivered a clearly articulated EVP strategy that was both endorsed and accredited by the Ampol Group leadership as creating “tremendous clarity and simplicity”. Armed with the TQ framework, the business felt they could use the 5D model as a blueprint to drive employee experience, communications and launch employee advocacy.

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