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Re-imagining high volume hiring through Technology

TQ ran a consulting project to assist Coles Group with re-designing the process and experience for high volume store hiring, following a recent implementation of SAP Success Factors. The objective was to enhance experience for stores recruitment, decrease the time to hire through automation and set a new industry benchmark.

TQ Scope

TQ’s team of experts delivered a comprehensive scope across 3 core areas to enhance high volume hiring experience: 

  1. A detailed current state process review and heat-mapping for core pain points
  2. Co-design an aspirational experience 
  3. A market scan and vendor recommendation for a solution that could compliment SAP SuccessFactors


TQ developed a detailed, persona-based and heat map process to identify the key areas of pain and challenges. Additionally, we identified a longer-term roadmap to signpost the priorities and work that needs to be done and how this may impact the team’s operating model. The  co-design process resulted in identifying the need for an augmented technology layer and TQ undertook the market scan and vendor evaluation process which resulted in Phenom People being selected as the preferred partner.

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