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Creating an aspirational People Story


St Vincent’s needed a unified ‘OneSt Vincent People Story’ platform to attract talent in a highly competitive market.  After the challenging COVID response years and the organisational transformation in progress, a lighter research approach was required.

TQ Scope

Due to the operating context, we decided not to treat this like a traditional EVP. With so much changing in the organisation, the focus was on using foundational building blocks that were more stable, or ‘unassailable truths’, such as the values, mission, brand positioning and growth strategy. We used human-centred design sessions withLeaders and key stakeholders to build hypotheses and rapidly validate themes within the groups.


TQ delivered an overarching People Story framework, which had the agility to be segmented into different hospitals and the various business lines across the organisation. TQ oversaw the creative strategy which was delivered by the selected creative partner.

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